One Vision


What happens in Davos stays in Davos

Season 6

1600 private jets descended upon the beautiful ski resort of Switzerland, as the world’s elites gathered for the 50th World Economic Forum. Plenty of pledges were made to address some of our most pressing challenges, from sustainability, stakeholder capitalism, to gender equality, and the future of work. 

While Greta Thunberg was calling out the dire consequences of the world’s inaction on climate change, another world leader was challenging her message of “doom.” While historian Yuval Harari was sounding out the warning on the threats facing humanity in the 21st century, Google CEO Sundar Pichai reminded us of the upside potential to use technology for good. Elsewhere, Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel, gave a special address to the forum attendees, calling out the polarization of our societies and the perils of echo chambers.

Does it really take a college degree in economics to see that what we are doing might not be best for the planet that we call home?

Will what happens in Davos literally stay in Davos? Or is there hope for real impact and action from the world’s most powerful and richest? Join Arun, Bradley, and Theo on a new episode of One Vision, as we share our optimism and skepticism on #WEF2020.

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