One Vision


The Virus that brings us together

Season 6

Across the globe, nations are grappling with a crisis brought on by the Corona virus COVID-19. With many schools and businesses closed, daily lives have been disrupted; in so many aspects, our regular lives have ground to a halt, and we are forced to adjust to a new normal. How we respond to the crisis at hand speaks volumes about our values as individuals, as organizations, and as a society. We can either step up to the challenge and weather the storm together with our friends, our families, and our communities, or we can turn a blind eye to those who need us the most in this unprecedented and most uncertain time. 

When this is all over — when we look back at the year that was 2020 — how would we remember the crisis? How will we remember the people who were part of our personal journey? While we might not remember the exact words people said, we will remember how they made us feel. We will remember how their actions impacted our lives and our community. We will remember those who made a difference, and those that made matters worse. It is through leadership that progress endures, that moments of crisis are tempered.

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