One Vision


The Truth Still Matters

Season 6

As the digital age prospers, consumers increasingly turn to the Internet for information. While digital media provides readers with more personalized content, with social media overtaking TV and newspapers as a source for news, we run the risk of being trapped inside echo chambers where our existing viewpoints are reinforced. Where once the ability to broadcast was a privilege reserved for the few, individual contributors now have the power at their fingertips to connect directly to their audience and disseminate information instantaneously around the clock, across physical boundaries and cultures. 

From regional to national papers, press ownership is now concentrated in the hands of a few conglomerates. What is the truth? What role does the press play in the age of instant gratification and fake news?

Tune in for a new episode of One Vision, as Theo and Brad chat with Penny Crosman, a well-respected figure in the financial services space, and the executive editor, technology, at American Banker.

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