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The art of social selling

Season 7

What exactly is social selling and how does it differ from traditional cold outreach? How can we best leverage our presence and influence on social media to build influence, make connections, grow relationships and trust? In this episode of One Vision, Theo chats with Tim Hughes, social selling innovator and pioneer, and author of “Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers”, on the art of social selling. Hint: It’s about building community and relationships. Don’t spam!

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  • Everything is embedded!

    In this episode of One Vision — FinTech Fuse! Theo and Barb chat with Simon Taylor, Head of Strategy & Content at Sardine, and the brain behind the Fintech Brainfood, on being infinitely curious. One of Simon’s passion topics and mission at Sardine is to eradicate scams from the Internet. According to Simon, not only is fraud a massively underrepresented trillion-dollar problem, it is also getting exponentially worse, with so much of it being underreported. It is, as Simon calls it, the biggest issue that impacts human misery. What does the future hold for the financial services industry and its workforce, against the backdrop of credit quality concerns, the rapid development of advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, and with big techs advancing? What are the top things on Simon’s list and what does he think is overhyped? Tune in and find out!
  • The year of personal finance resurgence

    Against the backdrop of elevated interest rates and lingering economic uncertainty brought about by layoffs and geopolitical conflicts, it is perhaps not surprising to see consumers seeking alternative ways to consume and pay. At the same time, they are also demanding more. In this episode of One Vision, Theo and Barb chat with Julie Muhn, Senior Research Analyst, and the heart and soul of Finovate, on the state of consumer fintech. What challenges will PFM tools face? And how can financial services providers leverage data and technology to help consumers navigate their financial lives?
  • Fighting the good fight: Getting to a just economy

    “If you get the chance to wake up tomorrow, what will you do with your day?” In this episode of One Vision — FinTech Fuse! Theo chats with Natasha Harper-Madison, a city council member for Austin, an entrepreneur, and a champion for the local community and racial equity, on civic engagement and cultivating economic opportunity and mobility. It is often said, talent is everywhere, opportunities are not. If small businesses are the backbone of our society, what more can we do to enable them to thrive? How can we collectively partner across sectors to create a more vibrant startup economy?  More can be done — more needs to be done. And there is a cost of inaction. As Gandalf said to Frodo in Lord of the Rings: “All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” We hope Natasha’s story will inspire you to reflect and act. Because each day is a gift. Let’s fight the good fight.
  • Aligning with the why — and making the world a better place

    How can we best invest in the ecosystem to help empower those who have been left behind by our mainstream financial services ecosystem, and enable them to build long term equity? In this episode of One Vision — FinTech Fuse! Theo and Stephanie chat with Kristen Castell, Managing Director of Fintech CAFE (Center for Accelerating Financial Equity), a non-profit committed to driving positive change in the financial industry, on building for everyday people. From advancing financial literacy to enabling sustainable financial growth and security, there is much that can be done. And when you invest in someone and help them become their best selves, something beautiful happens. We all shine — brighter and together. 
  • Demystifying the future of finance

    Beyond the sensational conversations, what is the real story behind decentralized finance? If programmable money is indeed our future, what questions should we be asking now and what should we be concerned with? In this episode of One Vision — FinTech Fuse! Theo chat with Ian Horne, author of “Why DeFi Matters” and head of content at Money20/20 Europe, on the sociology of money, the role of technology, and the future of finance. Whilst the view is very much dependent on your background and lived experience, Ian encourages us to park our bias and examine how the new paradigm of money can transform the future of financial services.
  • Impact as a differentiator in the financial services industry

    How do you build a customer-centric financial institution? Being hyper-focused on your customers’ needs definitely tops the list. Especially in an environment where financial uncertainty is keeping many consumers up at night, banks are in the best position to act as an empathetic and trusted partner for those in need. In this episode of One Vision — Fintech Fuse! Barb and Theo chat with Rochelle Gorey, co-founder and CEO of SpringFour, a social impact financial wellness fintech company. By connecting consumers to vetted financial resources, this B-Crop enables consumers to meet their financial objectives, reduce household expenses, and avoid payment delinquencies. It’s a win-win solution, and one that is much needed.
  • Making the leap: What drives us?

    As we reflect on our work and personal lives, what are we most proud of? What are the memories that we treasure the most? And would we do differently, if given the chance? Whether as VCs, innovators, or entrepreneurs, are we clear about our end goals and what drives us? And ultimately, what does success mean to us — as individuals? In this episode of One Vision — FinTech Fuse! Theo caught up with Gregg Schoenberg, the founding editor and co-founder behind the much read and beloved Financial Revolutionist. We talked about his career journey as a prolific writer, investor, and advisor turned executive coach. For those of you who miss Gregg’s prolific writing in the FR (myself included), this is a must-listen episode for you. And check out his YouTube videos, you will.
  • It’s more than just a destination conference for fintech enthusiasts

    What’s the magic with events, you ask? From fostering serendipity moments and building communities, to cultivating long-term and impactful relationships, there simply is no substitute to meeting people in person. In this episode of One Vision — FinTech Fuse! Theo caught up with Andrew Morris, Chief Content Officer for Fintech Islands, who has had the front row seat and witnessed the change in the industry from its nascent beginnings to now. Beyond networking, building relationships, and exchanging ideas, what else can we expect from the ultimate fintech event in the Caribbean? Tune in to find out. Or better yet, join us at FiX24!
  • Bringing more people into the conversation with AI

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly evolving in the past decade. Interests in AI, along with adoption and investment in AI, have witnessed a substantial increase. While tech stories are fun and exciting, our collective future is not just about bits and bytes. Rather, it’s about our shared prosperity: What will you do with the immense power available at your fingertips? As providers, how do we earn and maintain trust with customers, and how do we ensure transparency, fairness, and explainability — the cornerstone for responsible innovation? In this new episode of One Vision — Fintech Fuse! Theo welcomed Dr. Nashlie Sephus, Principal AI/ML Tech Evangelist from AWS. Curious about life as a tech evangelist? Passionate about responsible AI and using technology to create a better world? This episode is a must-listen for you.