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Red Envelope: Hongkong bustling with Innovation

Season 3, Ep. 8

“Innovation will continue to be a driving force in Asia as fintechs and banks both develop new platforms services for the increasingly connected consumers in Asia.”

Asia has long been bustling with innovation - with Singapore and Hong Kong competing for financial supremacy for many years - the verdict on who got their nose ahead is still out there.

In this episode of Red Envelope, we have Medhy Souidi, the Head of FinTech at DBS bank joining Arun Krishnakumar and Theodora Lau. Medhy is originally from Europe, and has been very involved in the innovation ecosystem in Hongkong. He is well connected in the Fintech and Blockchain space in HK, and has seen it evolve over the past few years.

Medhy talks about his involvement in DBS' innovation initiatives. DBS was named the “World’s Best Bank” by Euromoney magazine and it has its own digital initiatives and is considered one of the most innovative banks in the region. DBS also has the the Startup Xchange program, launched in Hong Kong and Singapore, brings in startups to co-create solutions that address specific business challenges in focus areas such as AI (artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Big Data, and RegTech. 

So what lies ahead for Asia Innovation? Listen in to hear our thoughts.

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