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Red Envelope: Food on the Chain

Season 3, Ep. 7

Several emerging economies have most of their population depending on Agriculture for their livelihoods. However, across the world, loss of food in the supply chain is still a major issue. Over $270 Billion worth of food supplies across the world could be saved by using technology. The other challenge with the food supply chain is that in most economies, farmers are often exploited by the other parties in the food supply chain.

In this episode of Rhetoriq's Red Envelope, we have Genevieve Leveille joining Arun Krishnakumar and Theodora Lau. Genevieve is the CEO of Agriledger, that is focused on delivering an efficient and transparent food supply chain to major emerging markets of the world. Agriledger are using Blockchain technologies to not just bring transparency, but also keep the ownership of the food with the farmers as much as possible.

Genevieve is also a known figure in the Blockchain industry and travels the world as an ambassador for the Agritech community. She shares her experiences in working with China, and the cultural and on the ground differences in doing business there.

Listen into Genevieve's vision for the food industry, and the projects she is working on across the world.

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