One Vision


Payment's latest disappearing act

Season 6

The future of payments is as clear as disappearing ink. As each region embraces ubiquitous and embedded payments through superapps, QR codes, NFC, wearables, and voice, the rise of card-not-present and card-on-file payments only increases. Banks, retailers and consumers must further optimize activities that could potentially disrupt their ability to transact, whether through online or mobile commerce, or setting up recurring subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon Prime. What challenges does this create for the payment ecosystem?

By 2023, retailers could lose $130 billion in revenue on fraudulent card-not-present transactions. What does it mean for our user experience if payments break, and consumers abandon virtual shopping carts, or invisible spending gets out of control? Learn more about where payments are headed in this week’s episode of One Vision where Theo and Bradley talk to Michele Tivey, Co-Founder and CEO at Payometry.

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