One Vision


Magic mirror of fintech, who is the fairest of all?

Season 6

Many Fintechs have emerged across the globe over the past two decades - from the U.S., U.K., and Africa, to China, India, Southeast Asia and beyond. From personal finance to payments; from banking infrastructure to fraud, scores of fintech startups have upended the previously slow moving world of financial services, changed consumer expectations, and challenged incumbents to move beyond the status quo. 

If you were to pick the two most impactful fintech companies, which ones would they be?

Would it be the humble ATM machine and Diners Club, the first widely used charge card? Or would it be Ant Financial, the world’s most valuable fintech startup and Tencent, which have completely changed the payment habits of the country with over 1.3 billion people - rendering it essentially cashless in less than two decades? And no fintech story is complete without mentioning PayPal, one of the earliest fintech startups and one of the most well-known digital wallets.

Join us for this week’s episode of One Vision, where Arun, Bradley, and Theo talk about fintech past, present, and future, and the fintech startups that have shaped the industry.

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