One Vision


Changing the Entrepreneurship narrative

Season 6

We all know the numbers and they are dismal: Even though female founders received a record $3.54 billion in funding in 2019, this represented only 2.7% of the total venture capital investments, according to PitchBook data. As a point of comparison, WeWork garnered more investment than all global female founders combined last year. If not for irony, then for the despair of the missed opportunity.  

Is it possible to change this narrative? Is there a more equitable way of dispersing capital? Victoria Fram of Village Capital certainly thinks so. Among their portfolio companies that span 28 countries, 46% are founded by women; 30% are black or Latinx. For those of us working within the innovation economy, we have a responsibility to make entrepreneurship more inclusive, by extending opportunities to diverse minds and talents in all corners of the society, regardless of their age, ethnicity, backgrounds, and gender.

Tune in for an aspirational podcast episode of One Vision with Victoria Fram, Founding fund manager of VilCap Investments and co-founder of Village Capital.

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