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Blockchain and Financial Inclusion: We are all agentic

Season 1, Ep. 3

In the third episode of Rhetoriq podcast focused on Blockchain and Financial Inclusion, Arun and Efi speak to Rik Willard of the Agentic Group. 

Rik is a digital pioneer and thought leader focused on the emerging "Internet of Value"​, where the convergence of payments, security, financial inclusion, and the Internet of Things will greatly influence critical aspects of global business and personal value in the near- and long-term. Just as money drives business today, new forms of value will begin to take shape based on emerging digital economies, significantly altering our definitions of value to better suit our interconnected world.

In this episode of Rhetoriq podcast, Rik shares his views on how mass adoption of Blockchain is a technosocial challenge. He elaborates on his journey and how his involvement in the Blockchain world led him to setting up the Agentic group. It was  fascinating hearing him describe how this paradigm had the potential to transform a community to an ecosystem to an economy of value exchange.

Rik is not only an early adopter of this technology, but is also involved in several emerging markets projects across Latin America, Africa and South East Asia. Listen in to find how Rik and his team at Agentic help Financial Inclusion projects across the world.

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