One Vision


Blockchain and Financial Inclusion: Africa - the world's last mile

Season 1, Ep. 7

Is Africa the world's last mile? 

In this episode Arun and Efi explore the African continent and opportunities for financial inclusion with Chi Nnadi, CEO at Sela Labs and Anton Mozgovoy, CTO at Humaniq.

In this episode Chi brings his views on how Blockchain can help the culturally decentralised Nigerian economy. We discuss the challenges that the biggest African nation has culturally, politically and economically have and how Blockchain can help.

Anton brings his first hand experience in bringing financial inclusion to 500,000 African consumers. He discusses, what works and what doesn't and the trends he has noticed in Humaniq's growth within Africa.

Towards the end, we have an interesting Rapid fire round where Chi describes his coffee preferences - don't miss that one.

With inspiring entrepreneurs like Chi and Anton, Africa feels like an opportunity where leap frog moments could happen almost every day. 

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