One Vision


Blockchain and Financial Inclusion: Mark this one

Season 1, Ep. 9

AI and Blockchain - the killer combo. Mark Van Rijmenam founder at Datafloq, joins us for an exciting episode discussing trends in AI and Blockchain. Efi and Arun host this episode, where they discuss Mark's explorations across the globe.

Mark is also a keynote speaker, a global citizen by his own admission, and is the Author of the book "Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World". Mark also talks about his Doctoral research on how AI, Big Data and Blockchain can help businesses.

The discussion then moves onto Silicon Valley and the monopoly of the big tech giants in the AI space, and how Blockchain is benefiting from hubs such as Crypto Valley, Estonia, and Gibraltar.

We finally touch upon Mark's travels in Dubai, and how the government in Dubai are trying to evangelise governance using Blockchain, and his thoughts on if Europe can really be the Global hub of Blockchain based innovation. 

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