One Vision


Blockchain and Financial Inclusion: Green Finance a la Swiss

Season 1, Ep. 11

In this episode of Blockchain and Financial Inclusion, Christian Heyner, President of 1Bank4All joins Efi Pylarinou and Arun Krishnakumar. Christian has decades of experience in financial services, and has several years of experience in sustainable and green investing.

Christian discusses the launch of the Green bond, that his team is planning to launch with the Luxembourg exchange. He elaborates on the investment thesis of the bond, and how institutional investors would benefit by participating in the bond offering.

The discussion moves on to the strategy that Christian's team have for the expansion of 1Bank4All. He also explains how he plans to use Blockchain alongside his core banking capabilities at 1Bank4All.

He also discusses his plans to providing banking services to the unbanked, and how his business model has been tweaked to serve the bottom of the pyramid.

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