One Vision


Blockchain and Financial Inclusion: A Latin Tango as a protocol

Season 1, Ep. 12

In this episode of Blockchain and Financial Inclusion, Eduardo Salazar, Founder of Forctis joins Efi Pylarinou and Arun Krishnakumar. 

Eduardo shares his views on the impact of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Latin America. With on the ground experience in the inflation hit continent, Eduardo explains the challenges that businesses and people there face. 

The experience in 2001 when crisis hit Argentina was going through hyper-inflation, was the driver for Eduardo to look at the merits of Blockchain. We discuss the concept of getting assets on to a Blockchain and how a token representing different assets can eventually be used as a medium of transaction.

The discussion moves on to Stablecoins, and the reasons that Eduardo and his team are looking at it for their platform. That is then followed by the controversial Petra, and what impact it could have on Venzuela's economy - if any.

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