One Vision


Blockchain and Financial Inclusion: Consensys Ventures and Tachyon

Season 1, Ep. 15

In this episode of Blockchain and Financial Inclusion, Arun Krishnakumar and Efi Pylarinou talk to Kavita Gupta - Managing Partner at Consensys Ventures. In her role at Consensys, Kavita also manages Tachyon - an incubator programme for Blockchain startups using Ethereum.

The discussion covers the core areas of focus for Consensys Ventures, and some of the investments they have made in the past, and the overarching thesis they have for their investments. 

Kavita touches upon her views of Blockchain in the emerging markets, and highlights that many firms they have worked with at Consensys ventures and Tachyon are based out of emerging markets, and have tremendous technology potential along with a market to go after.

Kavita also shares her vision of Blockchain in Governments, and how a Blockchain based tax system could potentially have significant impact in markets such as India. We close the conversation with her views on the cryptocurrency ban in India, and why she felt Blockchain was still a big opportunity in the subcontinent.

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