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Shades of Grey: Musings of an Impact Investor

Season 2, Ep. 4

As Ron Shevlin eloquently puts it, “consumers are not looking for a new savings account; they are looking for help to save”. 

Joining us in this episode of Shades of Grey, Sarah Morgenstern, Principal at Omidyar Network. Theodora Lau and Arun Krishnakumar discuss the Impact investment landscape and Sarah's thoughts on investment opportunities focused on longevity.

Gone are the days where we work in the same full-time corporate job and retire with pensions. Across all generations, more than a quarter of workers in the U.S. are engaging in freelance or short-term work arrangements in some capacity, sometimes with multiple employers. And the number is expected to increase.

Mary Meeker reported that freelance workforces is growing three times faster (at 8.1%) than the growth of the total workforce (at 2.5%). Financial services must move beyond being deposit gatherers to actively solving the day-to-day financial challenges of consumers, and shepherding them towards a more financially secure future. 

After all, this is what financial services should have been about. Listen in to an exciting chat with lots of insights

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