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Shades of Grey: The Conscientious Banker

Season 2, Ep. 8

What happens if the world actually runs out of people? While you may not fully subscribe to this point of view, we all need to start paying much more attention to the needs of its fastest growing segment of our global population: those households that are over the age of 50. As aging itself is far from homogeneous, the solutions we create today to serve the needs of our aging population will determine our future quality of life. Our very future is at stake. 

In this episode of Shades of Grey, Theodora Lau and Arun Krishnakumar talk to Bradley Leimer, Co-Founder at Unconventional Ventures. Brad shares insights from his travels in Asia and compares the innovation of the West to that emerging from the East. The discussion moves on to what the challenges and opportunities are in an Ageing world, especially in countries like Japan and Italy.

The challenge of east vs west in regard to opportunities for financial services is one of scale, from physical health to financial wellness. Technologies such as automation and robotics ensure activities of daily living are accomplished more efficiently. Voice technology and mobility solutions through autonomous vehicles and transit systems help to keep aging societies connected and active. We must remember that the eighty-year-old of today was not the same eighty-year-old of fifty years ago nor fifty years in the future.

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