One Vision


Shades of Grey: For Humans By Humans

Season 2, Ep. 10

Thanks to the relentless work and advocacy from many men and women, gone are the days when banks required a woman applying for credit to have her husband co-sign, or when companies could legally fire women for being pregnant. However, as a society, we still have ways to go to get to any sense of 50/50 equality. 

In this episode of Shades of Grey, Arunkumar Krishna Kumar and Theodora Lau talk to Ramya Joseph - the CEO and Founder at PEFin. Ramya has made the transition from Proprietary trading at Goldman Sachs to founding the world's first AI based financial advisor.

As we continue the digital journey, algorithms are increasingly instrumental in determining societal outcomes. It is more imperative that ever that our tech teams, in banking, technology, healthcare, and beyond, include a mix of people with different life experiences and backgrounds, to spot when biases might skew the outcomes, whether by unconscious or thoughtless omissions. 

After all, “AI is created by humans, for humans,” as beautifully articulated by Ramya Joseph, CEO and Founder at Pefin. Listen in for more insights from Ramya.

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