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Judge me by my Cover: The Future of Banking

Season 4, Ep. 1

In a world where Chinese citizens with Chinese bank accounts can conduct their whole life on Alipay and WeChat super apps while outsiders pay cash; where 47% of American consumers are still writing checks; where people in Africa can pay and obtain microloans on their mobile phones in an instant – the answer to the age-old question to the promised land: “Are we there yet?” is unfortunately “No, not yet.”

In this opening episode of our next series "Judge me by my cover", Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer talk to Chris Skinner, author of the book Digital Human. As Chris Skinner wrote in his book “The new world is one of transient relationships, shorter-term commitments and everything online all the time. However, the financial system is built for lifetime relationships, long-term engagement, and everything over the counter.”

If the industry is to thrive in a new environment with competition from global technology firms, we must leverage the scale and trust of incumbent banks, agility and focus of fintech startups. Until recently, a consumer's financial data was centrally held within their financial institution. But this too has started to change with the implementation of various Open Banking initiatives that have evolved through the past decade and launched within recent years across the globe.

Listen in for insights on future of banking from three Fintech gurus, Theo, Brad and Chris.

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