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Where will growth come from in 2021 for the world's biggest and best brands?

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  • 5. Growth through technological innovation

    Having to shift to a new world overnight with COVID-19, Melissa Grady Dias, CMO of Cadillac, led the luxury car brand closer to customers ~ entirely virtually. In this episode of The Growth Podcast, Grady Dias shares how Cadillac continues to evolve the role that innovation and technology can play – leading to the 118-year-old legacy car company achieving record sales in recent years. 

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  • 4. Growth through brand

    For the last four years, Kate Davies has been pivotal in leading the Guardian’s strategy for both brand affinity and commercial growth.Today, The Guardian is one of the most trusted news brands globally, regularly celebrated for its reader-funded approach, purpose-driven journalism, and digital maturity. This year, with Kate at the helm, the publication celebrates its 200th anniversary.
  • 3. Growth through maximising true innovation

    With race, diversity, environmental impact, sustainability, and workplace moral codes stirring tough conversations inside blue-chip businesses, Ranila Ravi-Burslem looks at the ways in which brands will be truly judged today. As an FTSE 100 female leader, Ranila shares her views on achieving personal and professional growth while in the vacuum of a recession, her criteria for true innovation, and her experience as a minority ethnic female in the financial services industry. Her aim? To explore how every business – from charities to banks – can achieve more growth, and more meaning for customers, in 2021.
  • 2. Growth through driving purpose for retail brands

    High street retailers must follow where their customers go, and eCommerce is the high street, the supply chain, and the brand experience today. Customers now expect retailers to be able to interact with them in different ways; providing experiences that are accessible, personalized, and helpful.
  • 1. Growth through building trust

    Insurance brands have an important role to play in our lives – and yet this brand truth isn’t necessarily felt by consumers. The Association of British Insurers recently said that building trust must become the finance and insurance industry’s number one job for 2021. But how do large legacy brands, like AXA, do that in an economic downturn?