Okinawa Karate Podcast


OKP#21 - Tang Soo Do, Master Kevin Robinson

Season 1, Ep. 21

What’s this? The Okinawa Karate Podcast visits a Tang Soo Do Dojang? That’s right. 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here it is: 

Here’s the full interview I conducted with Master Kevin Robinson, Tang Soo Do, while visiting my hometown over the summer. 

Master Robinson is one of the coolest, down to earth, honest and authentic people I have ever met let alone interviewed for the #OKP. 

My high school friend, who also happens to be a Master Level practitioner in Tang Soo Do, Drew Hobbs, invited me to visit Robinson’s Martial Arts for a training session and interview. I was blown away by their level of training, the skill set of Master Robinson and his students, the fact that they didn’t use air conditioning, but most of by the man that is Kevin Robinson. 

We trained for an hour, talked for over two hours, and then compared ideas and concepts of kata. They finally had to kick me out. 

No, I am not a Tang Soo Do convert but I sure do look forward to the day I can train with Master Robinson and his students again.

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