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  • 14. Ep. 14 - Owning Your Data

    What does it take to own your data, and when is it okay to hand over the reins? Should you self-host or not? Stephen and Lucian discuss topics like when it is okay to give up some control for convenience and how to walk that fine line. Plus, they talk about what would happen if Discord or Google went belly-up tomorrow and how that would affect your business (Even if it is very unlikely). This topic has sure been an eye-opener and has since caused changes to how we look at what we do. Tune in to find out more!To learn more about what we do, check out Discord Instagram Twitter Facebook

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  • 13. Ep. 13 - Hardware Release Cycle

    Stephen and Lucian are asked to divulge more detail about how they handle making a new hardware release and how it is much more involved than a software release. Software is changeable, but hardware is permanent. That makes a big difference when considering what goes into a hardware release, including what you should do between prototyping and releases.As always, let us know what you thought of the episode on Discord in the #ohm-episode-discussion thread for Episode 13! more information about Opulo, please check out the links below:Opulo WebsiteOpulo TwitterOpulo InstagramOpulo Youtube
  • 12. Ep. 12 - Improving FreeCAD ft. Brad Collette from Ondsel

    In this episode, we're excited to have guest Brad Collette! Brad is the cofounder and CTO of Ondsel, an Open-Core company working to improve FreeCAD. Ondsel is also building features on top of FreeCAD that are aimed specifically at commercial applications. We hear how Brad has been involved with FreeCAD development for over a decade, started Ondsel, and has been balancing them both! Lots of great discussion about open software UX, and what the future holds for FreeCAD.You can find Ondsel on Twitter, and their website where you can download their release of FreeCAD with huge UX and functionality improvements.As always, let us know what you thought of the episode on Discord in the #ohm-episode-discussion thread for Episode 12!
  • 11. Ep. 11 - Quality Control

    How do you make sure that the things being sent out your door are to the standard of quality that you would expect? How do you try to overcome human error when considering quality control checks? What's a QC Buddy, and why is traceability important? Take a lesson from Stephen and Lucian as they dive into this beefy topic that is hard to contain in one episode.To learn more about what we do, check out
  • 10. Ep. 10 - Automation Equipment

    Automation tools can be a robot you bought off the internet, or it can be something you make yourself. When should you automate a task? Would automation reduce mistakes, improve quality, or improve joy? Sometimes, but not always! In this episode, Stephen and Lucian hope you learn something from some of their mistakes and some of their wins with automation.
  • 9. Ep. 9 - Time Management

    When it comes to time management, everything can seem important, but what is the most important to tackle right away? Picking between these can be tricky, yet finding the balance between being efficient and not running into burnout is important to figure out. Stephen and Lucian dive into the issues they have run into and how they have found solutions that work for them.
  • 8. Ep. 8 - Ryan from V1 Engineering

    Ryan from V1 Engineering sits down to talk to us about how the desire for a 3D printer led to the birth of V1 Engineering. From working for free to outgrowing his jobs, Ryan had no plans to start a business and even pushed back from the idea of it. With a tremendous amount of attention and desire for his CNC design on Thingiverse, he finally listened to his boss and piers by giving his business 100% of his time and energy. Over eight years later, he is still going strong with a wonderful community and great products. To find out more about Ryan and his CNC machines, check out his website: