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  • 4. Ep. 4 - Launching the Longmill - ft. Chris from Sienci Labs

    In this episode, we have our first guest! Chris is the cofounder and CTO of Sienci Labs, which makes the open source LongMill CNC. We hear how Chris and his cofounder Andy started the company, launching two successful Kickstarters, and what they have planned for the future.Now that we've had Chris on the show, we'll have him back for other episodes to give the Sienci perspective on specific topics in open source hardware.Find out more about Sienci Labs:

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  • 3. Ep. 3 - Tools While Scaling Up; How Much Structure is Too Much?

    When is a tool worth paying for? How do you decide when a project is good enough for your company? Finding the right tool or project for your company can be tough.Lulzbot's blog post about OHAI:'s assembly docs: ohai.opulo.ioIf you want to learn more about what we do, check us out at
  • 2. Ep. 2 - Sourcing: A Broad Overview

    In this episode, we dive into sourcing! How do you find vendors? How do you vet them, and make sure you’re getting a quality part? What about duties, shipping, and minimum order quantities?This is a summary, overarching episode about sourcing. Every topic we cover here could have a whole episode dedicated to it, so let us know what you’d like us to go more in depth on!Questions or comments about this episode? Hop into our Discord Server and ask in the #ohm-podcast channel.To learn more about Opulo and the LumenPnP, check out our Youtube channel and website.
  • 1. Ep. 1 - The Benefits of Open Source

    Ever wonder how a radically open-source company can be successful? What's the balance between running a company that makes money and supporting a community (turns out, the work together better than you might think)? Stephen and Lucian dive into the things they've seen be overwhelmingly beneficial about keeping the source of your hardware product open.Join the LumenPnP Discord Server and check out the #ohm-podcast channel:
  • Ep. 0 - Introducing the OHM Podcast!

    Ever wonder how a radically open-source company can be successful? What are the benefits, and what are the challenges? How do you manage version control, hiring, work instructions, and payroll? Opulo employees Stephen Hawes and Lucian Chapar cover the details of running an Open Hardware company, as well as interview anyone from hobbyists to CEOs that have experience in the field.Join the LumenPnP Discord Server and check out the #ohm-podcast channel: