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  • 2.10.Office Hours A Podcast.Living An American Dream.Season 2 Closer

    In the Season 2 closer for Office Hours, Dr. C chats with Rhodes Scholar Machmud Makhmudov about his version of the American Dream--immigrating the United States, going off to college, and sorting out what it means to be an American. Plus, an announcement from Alex and Dr. C. about future Office Hours seasons!

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  • 2.09.Office Hours A Podcast.What Happened at Mizzou, Part II

    Dr. C continues learning about "What Happened at Mizzou," with recent University of Missouri graduate Delan Ellington, for another persepective on the historic protests that led to the resignation of University system president, a chancellor, and a potential boycott by the university's football team. A must-listen for campus activists everywhere on this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 2.08.Office Hours A Podcast.Going to A Military Academy

    Office Hours returns from Winter Break with a conversation between Dr. C. and a student she learns tons from: Andre Evans, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Dr. C. talks to him about vulnerability, race and gender in the military, and what it's like to move from Chicago's South Side to Newport, Rhode Island to Annapolis, Maryland.
  • 2.07.Office Hours A Podcast.Coming to America (At Nine Years Old)

    What does it mean to start over? In today's office hours, Dr. C. talks to Louis Laine, who immigrated to the United States in 2003 as a nine-year-old boy. They chat about Haitian culture, misconceptions about Haiti, and your first winter when you are from a tropical country!
  • 2.06.Office Hours A Podcast.Making Campus More Accessible

    Today's office hours features a conversation with a student Dr. C really looks up to: Duke University graduate Jay Ruckelshuas. Jay is the founder of Ramp Less Traveled, a scholarship and mentoring program for students who have experienced spinal cord injuries. They discuss disability rights, campus accessibility, and why Dr. C should start watching "Game of Thrones."
  • 2.05.Office Hours A Podcast.Sitting in for 24 Days

    While students were protesting on campuses from Yale University to Mizzou last school year, a group of students at Seattle University were also raising their voices. This week, Dr. C continues this month's focus on activism with a chat with Olivia Smith. Smith and a group of students staged a 24-day sit-in to raise awareness about racial justice on campus. Plus, Dr. C opens up the mailbag and offers up some advice!
  • 2.04.Office Hours A Podcast.What Happened at Mizzou

    It was in all the newspapers and on every television news show, but many are still asking, "What happened at Mizzou." One year after the historic protests, that included a hunger strike, a student uprising, and the participation of a Division I football team, Dr. C talks to former University of Missouri-Columbia student body president, Payton Head. Payton talks about what it was like to be at the center of a moment which led to the resignation of a chancellor and a university president.