S3E4 - "You are EVERYTHING within and without sport" with Vince Luciani

Season 3, Ep. 4

My dear friend and fellow coach Vince Luciani is a leader in the conversation around transcending athlete identity. This conversation is meant to provoke thought and support athletes, coaches and parents to think bigger for themselves and those around them. Stay with it until the end as we share how the passing of our respective fathers has made a profound impact our lives.

You are more than an athlete. We have been conditioned to love ourselves conditionally as a result of stats and outcomes of sport yet we are human beings that are far more that our physical and athletic output. This is an incredibly timely and relevant conversation about defining yourself BEFORE you enter the field of play. This is about you validating yourself as a human being before you step into your role as an athlete, coach or parent.

Vince is a world class coach who guides performers to understand who they are beyond the game.

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