The Game within the Game...

Over 95% of sport is played without the ball or implement and over 90% of our day is spent outside of training... The game within the game is about who you are, how you spend your time, what standards do you live by when you DON'T have the ball. This is about expanding mind, body and life systems for a lifetime of meaningful and fulfilling performance. You are the manager, coach and team captain within your own internal game.

The OFFBALL movement and conversation is an intentional dive into the human being within high performance. The goal is to extract fun stories, key learnings and big thinking ideas from world class performers, coaches and minds in sport so listeners can expand their own game within their respective game.


Hosted by Martin Reader (2012 Olympian, Trainer and Coach) this podcast is designed to be inclusive, insightful and inspiring for everybody. Martin intends to host meaningful conversations that simulate elders sharing wisdom by the fire.