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The F-Factor Drama Continues: When "Wellness" Goes Wrong, Pt. 2

Following the explosive controversy surrounding the F-Factor diet program, Tanya Zuckerbrot went on IG Live last weekend with a statement to… set the record straight? It left many feeling at best dissapointed & confused... at worst hurt, offended,& outraged. Off the Gram began covering this story last week when we interviewed whistleblower Emily Gellis along with a former client named Liz, and Lauren Slayton, founder of Foodtrainers and a renowned dietician. 

Today, we unpack all that's transpired this week - and pose the question “what now??” - as this story continues to blaze through the wellness community. First, we're joined by Erin Seidl aka @FoodScienceBabe and re-joined by Lauren Slayton of Foodtrainers to discuss the "guar gum" debate (#guargate!!).

Next, we chat with a young woman known as @WellnessAlexis, who found herself an unlikely pawn in this week's "installment" of this scandal. And finally, we get an expert analysis of how this is all being handled from a PR perspective from Stacey Heuser, co-founder of leading PR agency, Narrative. This show's a doozy, friends... buckle up and tune in!

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