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Motivate Your Money Mindset with Jason Duncan

Today we're joined by the incredible Jason Duncan, author of the book "Exit Without Exiting," and an expert in money mindset. We dive into the world of money and how our thoughts and beliefs shape our financial reality. Jason shares with us practical tips on how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving financial success. We explore how having a positive money mindset can help entrepreneurs prioritize their time and create a healthy balance between work and personal life. Get ready to take notes and transform your relationship with money on this exciting episode of our podcast!



  • You're looking to shift your money mindset and break free from financial limitations
  • You’re entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to take control of your business and create more balance in your life, while also achieving financial abundance
  • You're interested in learning how your mindset impacts your approach to financial 

opportunities and risks, and how to develop a healthy balance of both

 To learn more about Jason visit or @therealjasonduncan on Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin.

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    Jamie & Heidi have been fangirling all summer over a brand they discovered called Kroma Wellness and today, they’re joined by Lisa Odenweller, the company’s founder.Lisa entered the wellness game over a decade ago and has been a category visionary ever since… in 2021 she created Kroma, which is a premium functional health and superfood company that offers adaptogen superlattes, elixirs, plant-based smoothie blends, superfood snacks, and teas, as well as their hero product: their 5-Day Whole Body Reset, which is revolutionizing the way people think about cleansing and detoxing.So, who else is into Kroma? Oh, just a few folks like Amy Schumer, Dr. Will Cole, and Gweneth Paltrow… NBD!Tune in to learn from Lisa about the benefits of broths, elixirs, superlattes, collagen… and Cookie Butter?? Oh my! LISTEN TO THIS SHOW IF:   You love the idea of integrating superfoods & adaptagens but it’s always felt confusing and inaccesibleYou are always on the hunt for hot companies offering the latest and greatest in wellness & nutritionYou love hearing inspirational success stories from boss babe momprenuers… and you wanna learn and copy her smooth moves!To learn more about Kroma, follow them at @kromawellness or head over to and use the code OFFTHEGRAM20 for 20% off at checkout.
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  • Summer Best-Of Series: Raising Brains with Dr. Sarah Allen

    Rounding out the summer with another encore airing of one of one of our favorite episodes from the past year… today we’re bringing you an episode to help you prepare for the impending “back-to-school” time with one of our favorite guests, Dr. Sarah Allen,  Ph.D., CBIS.Known as “America’s Brain Gal,” Dr. Sarah Allen, is a pediatric neuropsychologist who helps parents with the tools and support they need to mindfully raise successful, happy, and connected kids.LISTEN TO THIS SHOW IF:      - You want to know what it means to raise a brain- You aren’t sure when doing things for your child becomes a handicap for them later in life- You want to know if there is truly such a thing as a perfect parent (spoiler alert: nope!!)
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    Welcome back to another encore presentation, in our “Summer Best-Of” series!! Are you looking to “relaunch your life?” Today, we get tips on designing a 3-dimensional “relaunch strategy” for our mind, body, and soul from Hilary DeCesare. Hilary is an award-winning business expert, 3x international best-selling author, host of The ReLaunch podcast, and a trailblazer for women in Silicon Valley.Tune in to discover her transformative “3HQ Methodology,” designed to align your head, heart, and higher self.From practical strategies to conquer “autopilot mode” to overcoming common roadblocks, this podcast is your go-to guide for relaunching with flair.LISTEN TO THIS SHOW IF:   • You want to uncover the secrets to relaunching your life and unleashing your inner power • You're ready to align your head, heart, and higher self using the transformative 3HQ Methodology and embark on a journey of authenticity, passion, and endless possibilities • You're ready to break free from autopilot mode and discover practical strategies to reignite your passion, purpose, and zest for lifeTo learn more about Hilary, you can find her on Instagram @therelaunchco or her website
  • Summer Best Of Series: Roxie Nafousi, The Queen of Manifestation

    Welcome back to another encore presentation, in our “Summer Best-Of” series!! Are you in need of some serious manifestation motivation? When we had the queen of manifestation herself - Roxie Nafousi (@roxienafousi) - on the show earlier this year, we’ll be honest: some of us on the co-host squad weren’t “all in.” A few of us had a skeptical take on the “manifesting” buzzword craze… was it really all it was cracked up to be? Is manifesting a “real thing,” or a TikTok trend gone haywire? But, we’ll admit it: Roxie won over even the naysayers in our group… and we think she’ll win your confidence too. Ready to manifest your dream life? Tune in to hear the actionable wisdom that’s in Roxie’s best-selling book MANIFEST: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life.LISTEN TO THIS SHOW IF:You want to learn why Manifest is being called the millennial answer to The Secret—you know, that self-help bible that has sold 35 million copies to dateYou believe in the law of attraction, but you seem to be repelling the life you wantYou’re ready for clear, concise, and accessible tips to manifest your best life…because if it works for Bella Hadid, you’re in!
  • Summer Best of Series: Give Two Weeks Notice & Become a Business Badass (!!) with @AmyPorterfield

    Welcome back to another week of our "Summer Best-Of" series, where we re-air some of our absolute favorite shows from the last year to make sure you heard them. This is one to RE-listen to, even if you caught it the first time around, because it is so jam-packed with good tid-bits if you want to uplevel your career and bring that side-hustle to FULL HUSTLE status!Amy Porterfield is an absolute ICON in the online marketing realm, teaching hundreds of thousands of people each year how to build their online businesses and thrive… so it’s no surprise that her recently released book - “Two Weeks Notice: Find the Courage to Quit Your Job, Make More Money, Work Where You Want, and Change the World” - became an instant best-seller. Are you hungry to turn your passion into a revenue stream? Would you like to turn your “side hustle” into a “full hustle?” Do you need to learn how to set boundaries and manage your priorities? Do you have a business idea you’d like to get off the ground… but you have no idea where to start?Today’s show is for you… we cover all things business building, burnout, and being a BADASS bestselling author!   LISTEN TO THIS SHOW IF:   You’re a boss babe who could use some insight on managing burnout, gaining professional confidence, and conquering self-sabotaging fearYou're looking for practical tips and mindset shifts on creating financial freedom, flexibility, and impactYou’d like tips & tricks on how to grow your business online from the master herselfTo learn more about Amy visit her on Instagram @amyporterfield , her website, and check out her new book