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Every fortnight, Brad Dalrymple (Environmental Engineer with Ocean Protect) hosts a variety of guests, including scientists, engineers, and activists – to discuss the key issues affecting the health of our oceans – and what can be done about it.

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  • 2. Dr Andrew Thomas on improving the health of urban rivers like the Cooks River & why it matters

    Dr Andrew Thomas is Executive Officer at Cooks River Alliance and President of Stormwater New South Wales. The Cooks River is a 23-kilometre long (14 mile) urban waterway located in south-eastern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - and, since at least 1997, councils and community groups along the river and across the catchment have worked together to improve the health of the river. In this chat, we discuss the key challenges associated with its protection, the wins achieved so far, and why this matters not just to the environment, but also the health and wellbeing of all us who live and work in the urban jungle.Useful links:Andrew on LinkedIn: River Alliance: New South Wales:"Andrew Thomas on the maintenance of stormwater treatment assets" (Ocean Protect Podcast Season 2, Episode 20, July 2020): find about more about Ocean Protect and what we do, check out

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  • 2. Action for Dolphins with Hannah Tait

    Hannah Tait is the CEO and founder of Action for Dolpins, a charity that advocates for the protection of dolphins and challenge practices that cause them harm, working to change laws, educate the public, and promote institutional changes that lead to safer, healthier lives for dolphins. In this chat, Hannah talks about how the organisation started and key campaigns. Useful links:Hannah on Linkedin: find about more about Ocean Protect and what we do, check out
  • 1. Dr Matt Landos on how pollution is destroying our oceans & waterways

    Season 6 of the Ocean Protect Podcast kicks off with a fascinating chat with Dr @Matt Landos, Director at Future Fisheries Veterinary Service. In this chat, Matt discusses the chemical cocktail in our waterways and water resources and where it’s coming from - and what we need to do to save our oceans, waterways and ourselves.   Useful links:Matt on Linkedin: Guardian article, “The river has been destroyed’: expert says agriculture has overshadowed science in the Murray-Darling Basin: article, Even very low levels of pesticide exposure can affect fish for generations, study finds: report, Aquatic Pollutants in Oceans and Fisheries: report, The Global Threat from Highly Hazardous Pesticides: Society & IPEN report, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Threats to Human Health: article, Single-Use Food Packaging from 17 Countries Contains PFAS “Forever Chemicals: article, PFAS “Forever Chemicals” Found in Outerwear and Clothing Sold Globally: report, PFASs and alternatives in cosmetics: report on commercial availability and current uses:  For further information about Ocean Protect, check us out at
  • 23. Harout Tcherkezian on protecting our oceans & waterways from stormwater pollution

    Ocean Protect's very own Harout Tcherkezian joins Brad for the Season 5 finale. Harout has been with Ocean Protect for over twelve years, and overseas our operations in New South Wales, Australia. We chat about Harout's journey to date with Ocean Protect, the challenges of the job, and his ambition for his kids to think he's a legend. Harout on LinkedIn: For further information about Ocean Protect, check us out at
  • 22. Jeff Hansen on protecting the most spectacular show on earth with Sea Shepherd

    Jeff Hansen is the Managing Director of Sea Shepherd Australia and a Global Director of Sea Shepherd. We talk about the key campaigns of Sea Shepherd - illegal fishing, ocean plastic and climate change - current direct actions, future plans, successes, and the challenges associated with protecting the most spectacular show on earth - nature.Useful links: on LinkedIn: For further information about Ocean Protect, check us out at
  • 21. Sean Quilty on inspiring the next generation of engineers & mainstreaming sustainability

    Sean Quilty is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 18 years’ experience in residential and industrial subdivisions, health precincts, educational precincts, waste management facilities, municipality works, major infrastructure upgrades, roadworks, road remediation, and master planning feasibility. He is Associate Principal at ADG Engineers and Associate Lecturer at Tafe Queensland, and has a passion for inspiring the next generation of engineers. In this chat, we talk about Sean's own education experience - from university drop-out to lecturer, improving education methods and making environmental protection and conservation the core aspect of engineering endeavours. Sean on Linkedin - For further information about Ocean Protect, check us out at
  • 20. Captain Peter Hammarstedt on the fight against illegal fishing

    Peter Hammarstedt is Global Director of Sea Shepherd campaigns and Chairman of the Australian Board. Peter has captained Sea Shepherd's MY Bob Barker for 11 years and is now Captaining their new vessel, the Allan Kay. In this amazing chat, Peter shares some of his insights from over 20 years of navigating the globe, confronting illegal whaling, sealing and destructive fishing. Useful links:Sea Shepherd's leadership team: Shepherd's Illegal Fishing Campaign: For further information about Ocean Protect, check us out at