NXP Smarter World Podcast


The Safety Behind Connected Vehicles

Season 1, Ep. 2

Connected vehicles offer a lot of benefits..But as cars become more electronic in nature, more like rolling computers, the role of safety becomes critical. How will a car respond when something goes wrong in its electronic system or in a single component? That's what a specialized safety discipline called Functional Safety seeks to anticipate and protect against. This topic is the basis of our most recent NXP Smarter World Podcast, guest hosted by John Quain, automotive journalist and technology expert. John is joined by Gareth Price, functional safety manager at McLaren Applied, and Franck Galtié, director automotive functional safety at NXP Semiconductors

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  • 5. The Quest for Sustainable Food Ecosystems

    In this episode, the winner of NXP’s third annual HoverGames competition, Dan-Marius Dobrea, joins host Kyle Fox to discuss his winning entry, agriHoverGames - a smart drone with an intelligent system that can analyze the healthiness of grapevines. Tune in to discover what inspired the development of a drone that can detect vine diseases, the technology that enabled it and why this is a necessary step toward making farming more sustainable.
  • 4. The Road to Sustainability

    In this episode, NXP’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Jennifer Wuamett, joins host Kyle Fox to discuss NXP's 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report and provide an update on progress toward its ESG goals. Plus, discover the type of short and long-term goals companies need to set in order to see continuous improvement and sustainable growth.
  • 3. Fostering a Sustainable Mindset

    In this episode, our host Kyle Fox is joined by Davina Moore, Director of Digital Marketing at NXP, who gives us a glimpse into the ideas and efforts needed to drive an innovative mentality in not just the workplace, but in our homes and schools. Sustainability is driven by people’s inventiveness. Discover what it takes to foster that mentality and how people’s passion, creativity and dedication is key to positively moving our world forward.
  • 2. Plant Power for Electricity

    In this episode, our host Kyle Fox is joined by Marjolein Helder, CEO of Plant-e, a start-up based in the Netherlands, that generates electricity with living plants and is the only known company in the world that generates carbon-negative electricity. Is bio-electricity the future? What challenges is Plant-e facing and how does NXP help enable this groundbreaking innovation? Check out this episode to find out more.
  • 1. Driving the Electric Fleet

    In this episode, our host Kyle Fox is joined by Dakota Semler, co-founder and CEO of Xos Trucks, a Los Angeles based fleet services provider and original equipment manufacturer of Class 5 through Class 8 battery-electric vehicles. Find out more on why Dakota and his co-founder started Xos Trucks, what issues of today's world they are tackling with their business and what role technology plays in enabling decarbonized transportation.
  • 16. Shaping Future Mobility with Power Management

    Future mobility is driven by the fact that saving energy will become increasingly important - and that's one of the key competences of power management. Delivering the right level of energy at the right level of voltage and signals to the entire system is crucial to make electric and autonomous driving vehicles a success. In this episode, host Nitin Dahad, editor at EE Times and Embedded.com, discusses with NXP's David Lopez, Segment Director Safety Power Management, how power management can help shape future mobility.
  • 15. HoverGames Challenge 3: Sustainable Food Ecosystems

    The third installment of NXP's HoverGames dives into the world of vision with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, inspiring developers to deliver breakthrough ideas for making our connected world better, safer, and more secure. The goal of this year’s HoverGames is to challenge developers to create solutions for a more sustainable food ecosystem. In this episode, host Nitin Dahad, editor at EE Times and Embedded.com, introduces the next challenge of the NXP HoverGames joined by Richard Fix, Bosch Sensortec and Iain Galloway, NXP.
  • 14. The Potential of Vehicle Data

    Over the past few years, not only has the importance of vehicle data increased rapidly but also the need to find ways to unlock its huge potential. OEMs and Tier1s are challenged to develop vehicles that are able to process exponentially increasing vehicle data and support secure edge-to-cloud communications while also enabling new vehicle experiences and services that can generate revenue and reduce costs. In this episode, Sam Abuelsamid, Principal Analyst with Guidehouse Insights, discusses the value of vehicle data with NXP's Global Marketing Director for Automotive Processing, Brian Carlson.
  • 13. The New Automotive Security Standard 21434

    With over-the-air updates, infotainment and the integration of mobile devices and cloud-based services, the connected vehicle offers the ultimate experience with state-of-the-art safety, autonomy and driver comfort. Robust cybersecurity measures must be engineered into all aspects of the vehicle's construction to protect critical features and back-end networks that serve them from cyberattacks. In this episode, Nitin Dahad, editor at EE Times and Embedded.com, discusses the new automotive security standard 21434, which is the automotive engineering cybersecurity standard, with an NXP's head of automotive security, Timo van Roermund.