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  • 1. From a CTO's Perspective: Top Tech Trends Shaping 2024

    In this episode, host Kyle Fox is joined by NXP's Chief Technology Officer, Lars Reger, who reflects on all things CES 2024, trends that are shaping the future and opportunities for sustainable tech - from digital twins to the smart home.
  • 9. Creating the Sustainable Smart Home: Why Matter Matters

    Explore the intersection of the smart home and sustainability. In this episode, NXP's Director of Marketing for Wireless Connectivity, Sujata Neidig, joins Kyle Fox to dive into the heart of smart homes and their role in creating a sustainable future.
  • 8. Fighting Electrical Fires With Smart Sensors

    Imagine if you could know when hidden electrical fire hazards start to form - before they had a chance to evolve into a fire. In this episode, our host Kyle Fox is joined by Bob Marshall, CEO and co-founder of Whisker Labs, to talk about the company's flagship solution, Ting. Ting draws on decades of electromagnetic and atmospheric sensor expertise, combined with AI, to detect electrical faults in the home and on the grid. You don't want to miss this episode!
  • 7. Empowering Human Capability with Tech

    In this episode, our host Kyle Fox is joined by Francesca Burgo, Business Development Manager at Existo, an Italian health tech company that offers innovative solutions for the wellbeing of people with disabilities. This startup has designed and produced a wearable gadget designed to restore ability to the upper limbs. Check out the latest episode to discover how a robotic extension, that fastens to the forearm firmly and is controlled by voice, can help change people's lives.
  • 6. Building the Car of the Future

    In this episode, Louise de Laat, manager of the Eindhoven-based student initiative, TU/ecomotive, discusses how her team is challenging the automotive industry by creating unique, sustainable concept cars, including an EV that cleans the air as it drives.
  • 5. The Quest for Sustainable Food Ecosystems

    In this episode, the winner of NXP’s third annual HoverGames competition, Dan-Marius Dobrea, joins host Kyle Fox to discuss his winning entry, agriHoverGames - a smart drone with an intelligent system that can analyze the healthiness of grapevines. Tune in to discover what inspired the development of a drone that can detect vine diseases, the technology that enabled it and why this is a necessary step toward making farming more sustainable.