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NSI Experts React to Congress's China Commission Annual Report

In this special edition podcast, tune in to hear from NSI experts regarding the Commission’s Annual Report, which examines China's alternative norms and standards; its growing power projection; and other important developments in 2020.

NSI experts provide their perspectives on the Report’s findings and recommendations, including the threats China's model of governance poses to the United States and its manipulation of international standards bodies. They also share their insights for how the new Biden administration and new Congress may move forward. Hear from:

  • Megan Ammirati, NSI Visiting Fellow and China Analyst, TextOre
  • Megan Brown, NSI Senior Fellow and Partner, Wiley Rein LLP
  • Giovanna Cinelli, NSI Visiting Fellow and Partner, Morgan Lewis
  • Lori Gordon, NSI Visiting Fellow and Civil Systems Protection Lead, Aerospace Corporation
  • Jamil Jaffer, NSI Founder and Executive Director
  • Andy Keiser, NSI Fellow and former Senior Advisor, House Intelligence Committee
  • Gentry Lane, NSI Visiting Fellow and CEO and Founder, ANOVA Intelligence
  • Andrea Limbago, NSI Senior Fellow and Vice President of Research and Analysis, Interos
  • Katie Moussouris, NSI Visiting Fellow and Founder and CEO, Luta Security
  • Lester Munson, NSI Senior Fellow and former Staff Director, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

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Tech 2020/21: Allies, Enemies, and the Homefront Part 2: The National Security Implications of Antitrust

OnThursday,September 23, from12:30 – 1:30 PM ET, as part of NSI’sTech Innovation and American National Security project, NSI hosted the second panel of a four-part series examining the national security implications of antitrust challenges at home and abroad.This second event took a look at how U.S.-allied governments are addressing antitrust questions related to the tech industry as well as the implications of such efforts for American and allied national security.Our panel features Dr. Roslyn Layton, Professor Jan Rybnicek, and Dr. Hal Singer, and was moderated by NSI Founder and Executive Director, Jamil N. Jaffer.European governments, including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Ireland, are increasingly raising antitrust challenges against U.S. tech companies causing friction between our nations and potentially undermining our collective national security posture, particularly relative to key nation-state competitors like China. This event examined how European nation-states, in exercising their own regulatory authorities to regulate, dissolve, and monitor companies, are moving forward with laws targeting American companies, as well as how these new regulations potentially impact these companies as well as their impact on American and allied national security. The panel also explored the critical role that U.S. and U.S. allied joint bodies, as well as tech industry, can play in promoting a democratic value-based global digital ecosystem to counter digital authoritarianism and the importance for allied national security of maintaining relative unity amongst the allies on innovation policy.