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NSI 2020: Technology Innovation and American National Security — Should the U.S. Have an Industrial Policy for Rare Earths?

On February 24, President Biden signed an executive order focused on protecting America's supply chains with a specific section on rare earth elements. In early March, the House Armed Services Committee stood up a taskforce focused on examining and identifying vulnerabilities and threats facing the defense industrial base which includes the threat posed by China over access to rare earth elements. America’s national security and technological leadership is directly tied to our access to rare earth elements.  

NSI Founder and Executive Director Jamil N. Jaffer held a fireside chat with Jeff Green, President and Founder of J. A. Green and Company, to discuss what America can do to secure our rare earth supply chain and what the government can do to bolster U.S. production.

Tune in to find our about:

  • The impact of President Biden's Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains
  • How Congress can take steps to incentivize private sector investment in rare earth elements
  • How the Defense Production Act can be used to protect the defense industrial base from Chinese capture

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