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Tenacious D

Season 3, Ep. 31

Friendship is rare, do you know what i'm saying to you? It's in that spirit of friendship that Paul & Ryan pay tribute to the self-titled debut album of one of the greatest bands to rock your socks since the turn of the millennium: the wonderboys known as Tenacious D. The story goes that tacos and the promise of guitar lessons brought Jack Black and Kyle Gass together to form this fateful duo back in the mid-1990's, and since then Kage & Jables have graced everything from the small screen, to the the silver screen, to the screen door of Lee's house in jaw-dropping rock'n'roll fashion. Sure, Tenacious D is all in good fun...but they're also, like, an incredibly strong rock band. Seriously. Now hear this: "Lee," "Friendship," "Tribute," and "Wonderboy."

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