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Ringo Starr - Old Wave

Season 3, Ep. 37

What's his name? It's RINGO! What's the album we're talking about today? OLD WAVE! The best Ringo album you've likely...never heard? In 1983 when former Beatle Ringo Starr needed a new sound to revitalize his solo career, ol' Ritchie enlisted the help of Eagles rocker Joe Walsh to craft a clean, catchy, up-tempo record that embodied the very best in Starr's capabilities. But a string of flops wrecked label havoc with this collection, and its contents would take years to surface in the US and GB. Discussing Old Wave with us today is founder of the hit Yesterday & Today podcast, Wayne Kaminski - who's here to talk Ringo, Caveman, tracking down dutch imports in the early 80's, and much more. Now hear this: HopelessBe My BabyIn My Car.

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