Now Hear This

Now this is happening. Paul Kaminski (Yesterday & Today Podcast and The Third Men Podcast) and Ryan Brady (Take It Away Podcast) host your new favorite podcast. What's it all about? Simple and easy. We trade our favorite records and talk about one album per podcast for about an hour. We each picked six albums for season one's twelve episodes. In every episode, imagine one guy is the "expert" and the other guy is the rookie. We swap roles throughout the season. We walk through the history of the albums, run through the track lists, and attempt to turn each other - and YOU, the listener - on to new music. Mostly, we listen and laugh. You may too. Please join us in conversation, discover something new, and now hear this. Please donate here.

Ryan Brady

VP at Atlantic Records, host of Take It Away: The Complete Paul McCartney Archive Podcast, music manager, Uncle Salsa, and husband.

Paul Kaminski

Comic book editor, host of The Third Men Podcast and Yesterday and Today Podcast, and loving husband and father.