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Paul McCartney - Cold Cuts - A Take It Away Crossover

Season 2, Ep. 19

Holy crossover Batman! Emotional moment, we enter the cage. Cage match that is ... Chris Mercer (Take It Away Podcast), Paul, and Ryan throw down on the most famous unreleased Paul McCartney project to date: Cold Cuts (or Hot Hitz, and Kold Kutz, for those keeping score). We talk about this long lost, ultimately found, and yet sort of released, yet still unofficially unreleased clutch of rare gems in the McCartney cannon. Will there be debates? Heated. Will there be laughs? Myriad. Did daddy love a dancer? Yes, though she never gave an answer. Mama's little boys and girls, grab your best friends, and hey diddle, head down to the Robber's Ball for one hell of a carnival night out. If there are no tragedies, same time next year? Wait, did we meet somewhere before? Now Hear this: Listen to the whole album, if you can find it.

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