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  • 15. Our EMOTIONAL FINAL episode (before we have our baby)!!

    Hey Lovelies,Grab your tissues, because it’s our FINAL episode before the baby arrives 🤍Join Em and Cam as they reminisce about their incredible journey through the first season. In this emotional final episode, they read heartfelt letters to their future son, reflect on their favourite moments from the podcast, and answer your final questions before welcoming their baby. They also tackle one last, all-important question: Will Em get the push present she wants from Cam?! Em and Cam have loved every single moment, especially sharing this journey with all of you. Thank you for the love and support, and we can't wait to share more once the baby is here.Love Cam and Em xxxEmail: @nowweretalkingbabyTikTok: @noweretalkingbaby--Credits:Producer: @ben_johnsAssistant producer: @gurlinaheer_Videographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pSocial Media: @laurabcoughlanOriginal music: @knightmusicExecutive producer: @jemimarathboneExecutive producer: @jamielaing

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  • 14. Is Em ready for labour?! ft. The Naked Doula

    Hey guysss,Em and Cam are so close to the baby arriving, now at 37 weeks! With the baby almost here, we've invited a special guest to answer all their last-minute questions. This week, Emma Armstrong, also known as 'The Naked Doula,' joins them to provide expert advice on everything from pain-reducing labor techniques to top tips for Cam to be the best birthing partner. Em has been a huge fan of Emma and her book through her pregnancy and was so excited to have her on 🤍We also have a big debrief on their baby shower and read some lovely listener messages. Love Cam and Em xxxEmail: @nowweretalkingbabyTikTok: @noweretalkingbabyEmma's Book, 'The Fearless Birth Book' : @ben_johnsAssistant producer: @gurlinaheer_Videographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pSocial Media: @laurabcoughlanOriginal music: @knightmusicExecutive producer: @jemimarathboneExecutive producer: @jamielaing
  • 13. Cam opens up for the first time about how Em's pregnancy has affected his mental health

    Hey guys,We’ve welcomed a lot of experts onto NWTB so far, and today is one of our most important.At the start of our podcast we spoke about our rainbow baby, and today we have Annie Belasco from PANDAs Foundation to speak to us about perinatal mental health.It’s a topic that we really want to discuss on the podcast, and we hope it can help any mums and dads to be, or parents, who might be struggling with their mental health throughout their pregnancy and beyond.Lots of love to you,Cam and Em xFor anyone affected by today’s episode, you can find resources and information about PANDAS Foundation here: @ben_johnsAssistant producer: @gurlinaheer_Videographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pSocial Media: @swid.studioOriginal music: @knightmusicExecutive producer: @jemimarathboneExecutive producer: @jamielaing
  • 12. Is breast best?! We find out ALL about breastfeeding

    Hey guysss,We've had so many experts on the show, but today is one we're really excited about as we're going to learn all about breastfeeding.Em really wants to breastfeed, and Cam wants to know how he can support her best when our baby boy arrives, so we have breastfeeding expert, Cathy Sage, coming on to the pod to give us all her knowledge!We also chat about how we're getting ready for baby's arrival, and get into some more of your listener messages about push presents and body confidence whilst pregnant.Love Cam and Em xxxEmail: @nowweretalkingbabyTikTok: @noweretalkingbabyCathy Sage: / cathysagebabyfeeding / @ben_johnsAssistant producer: @gurlinaheer_Videographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pSocial Media: @swid.studioOriginal music: @knightmusicExecutive producer: @jemimarathboneExecutive producer: @jamielaing
  • 11. Love Island's Chris Taylor reveals that Cam lied to Em?!

    Hey guyssss,So, last week Em admitted that she had a weird craving, and today we've brought a guest along to try some of your weird ones... it's one of Cam's best friends: Chris Taylor from Love Island!Because Chris knows us so well, he gives his verdict on what we're going to be like as parents and whose going to be the strictest. And he also lets slip that Cam might have told a bit of a lie to Em?!Lots of love,Cam and Em xEmail: @nowweretalkingbabyTikTok: @noweretalkingbabyCredits:Producer: @ben_johnsAssistant producer: @gurlinaheer_Videographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pSocial Media: @swid.studioOriginal music: @knightmusicExecutive producer: @jemimarathboneExecutive producer: @jamielaing
  • 10. Em's belly button has POPPED!

    Heyyyy guys,Things are getting real in the third trimester, the baby is now the size of a butternut squash! Em shares how she has embraced her changing body with the launch of her Pretty Little Thing maternity collection. AND Cam wonders what is at the end of the belly button now Em’s has popped?! We also have a very exciting guest on talking all things fitness, founder of Cari Fit, Vern Hill. He discusses staying fit during pregnancy and post-baby. From exercising with your little one to how partners can help support mum through it all! Love Cam and Em xEmail: @nowweretalkingbabyTikTok: @noweretalkingbabyVern Hill: @cari_fit / @ben_johnsAssistant producer: @gurlinaheer_Videographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pSocial Media: @thechampagencyOriginal music: @knightmusicExecutive producer: @jemimarathboneExecutive producer: @jamielaing
  • 9. Will we ever sleep again?!

    Hey Loveliessss,Em and Cam are hot off the plane from Dubai, bronzed and bursting with tales to spill! From *THAT* Instagram photo, Emily’s first baby craving and Cam reveals he might be ready to put a ring on it 👀Also join us for the guest Cam's been most excited about: SLEEP EXPERT Heidi Skudder from Positively Parenthood, here to share her top tips for turning those sleepless nights into sweet dreams for your baby AND you!Lot’s of loveCam and Em xxEmail: @nowweretalkingbabyTikTok: @noweretalkingbabyHeidi Skudder from Positively Parenthood: @heidi.positivelyparenthood / Heidi’s Book: Your Positive Baby Sleep Book: Become confident with your baby’s sleep, feeding & comfort from day oneCredits:Producer: @ben_johnsAssistant producer: @gurlinaheer_Videographer: @jamierg99Video editor: @jakeji.pSocial Media: @thechampagencyOriginal music: @knightmusicExecutive producer: @jemimarathboneExecutive producer: @jamielaingHosted on Acast. See for more information.