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Unwind with Poppy Jamie is a podcast for when you want to destress, relax and allow your mind to untangle.

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  • How to optimise male fertility with Dr Justin Dubin

    In today's episode, we delve into the often-overlooked topic of male fertility. Despite its significance, discussions around male fertility remain sparse, with many unaware of its prevalence. Shockingly, statistics reveal that one-third of all infertility cases are attributed to male factors. Our guest, leading urologist Dr. Justin Dubin, sheds light on this crucial aspect of men's health. As a specialist in men's health and co-host of The Man Up Podcast, Dr. Dubin offers invaluable insights into optimising male fertility. He emphasises the importance of men taking an active role in addressing fertility issues and provides actionable steps to enhance overall reproductive health.Join us as we explore the factors influencing male fertility and learn practical strategies to improve reproductive wellness. Dr. Dubin's expertise offers a comprehensive understanding of this vital aspect of men's health, empowering listeners to take control of their fertility journey for long-term well-being.Find Justin:Instagram: @justindubinmdListen to the Man Up Podcast: @justindubinmdFollow Poppy: @poppyjamieBuy Poppy's book: big thank you to Kama Ayurveda. Visit their website at to discover more about their transformative products and tap into the secrets of Ayurveda or visit their store in Notting Hill, 207 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SE.

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  • How to invest in yourself and build resilience in your relationships with Dr Aria

    On today's podcast, we're moving into the world of high performance coaching with Dr Aria, a clinical psychologist, coach, best selling author of A Mindful Year and the man behind countless success stories. Dr Aria blends clinical expertise with cutting edge coaching techniques to help entrepreneurs, celebrities and his coaching groups unlock more inner strength, build resilience, break down limiting patterns and fear based behaviours. So if you're facing a creative block, struggling with relationships, finding yourself trapped in behaviour patterns that aren't working out for you, or simply looking to optimise your daily life, Dr Aria is here to help you.Find Dr Aria:Instagram: @dr._aria1-1 Mindset Coaching: his book: Poppy: @poppyjamieBuy Poppy's book: big thank you to Kama Ayurveda. Visit their website at to discover more about their transformative products and tap into the secrets of Ayurveda or visit their store in Notting Hill, 207 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SE.
  • Wisdom to last a lifetime for birth and beyond with Emma Cannon

    Today's podcast is with Emma Cannon, a best selling author, speaker, mentor, acupuncturist, mystic and mother who, I am very sad to say, passed away a few weeks after I recorded this conversation. Initially drawn to Emma's renowned work in fertility, I was struck by her profound wisdom and spiritual depth as soon as I stepped into her magical home. What began as an exploration of fertility evolved into a much broader discussion about life itself. I sought Emma's insights into her philosophy on life, shaped by her experiences supporting countless couples and navigating her own journey through years of chemotherapy. Cancer which is often referred to as life's greatest teacher, underscored Emma's understanding of existence.As our conversation unfolded, I couldn't help but delve into Emma's mystical side. With curiosity piqued by my growing fascination with the history of witches, I posed the question to Emma, prompting a smile and a candid acknowledgment of her affinity with the mystical realm. It became evident that Emma's ability to guide souls and find peace transcended the conventional boundaries of medicine and ventured into the realm of magic. I hope you enjoy this interview with the amazing and mystical Emma Cannon. My heart and love is with her family, and many thanks to them for encouraging me to release this interview after her passing. Emma, you magical being. I'm so pleased our conversation is finally out with the world.Follow Poppy: @poppyjamieBuy Poppy's book: big thank you to Kama Ayurveda. Visit their website at to discover more about their transformative products and tap into the secrets of Ayurveda or visit their store in Notting Hill, 207 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SE.
  • How to flirt with the universe with Deike Begg

    This is a very special episode for me as I'm interviewing a woman who has impacted my life enormously. I first met her about 4 to 5 years ago, and since then, no matter what life has thrown at me, she's helped me process it with a wisdom like no other. I'm interviewing Deike Begg, who has been a professional astrologer and psychotherapist for over 30 years. She's an expert on astrology, psychic synthesis, synchronicity and mythology. She's a young psychologist. She's also one of the world's leading rebirths and a published author of many books, including Rebirthing Freedom from Your Past, Synchronicity: The Promise of Coincidence, On the Trail of Merlin and In Search of the Holy Grail and The Precious Blood. Her book Synchronicity is my favourite beyond favourite. I read it whenever I'm feeling confused about life, because it's like a warm hug and a reminder that life is unfolding just as it should. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of patience but for people like me patience can be a very difficult thing to cultivate. Deike has just turned 80, and I was desperate to make sure more people were able to receive this incredible woman's wisdom. I hope you enjoy this very heartwarming interview full of wonderful, wise nuggets. Find more on Deike:Website: her book Synchronicity: big thank you to Kama Ayurveda. Visit their website at to discover more about their transformative products and tap into the secrets of Ayurveda or visit their store in Notting Hill, 207 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SE.
  • The toxic truth about women's healthcare and the fight for safe period products and vaginal care with Valentina Milanova

    Valentina Milanova joins us in this eye-opening episode, bringing her revolutionary ideas to the forefront of gynaecological health. The founder of Daye, Valentina is on a mission to transform the experience of women dealing with painful periods. She introduces us to safe tampons designed to alleviate period pain by locally administering anti-inflammatory relief in the vaginal area. The efficiency of targeting pain directly makes it a game-changer for those suffering from endometriosis or period pain.But that's not all – Daye goes beyond with diagnostic tampons. Valentina addresses the critical issue of women neglecting vaginal health screenings, leading to undetected problems. These diagnostic tampons, sent to Daye labs, provide results and connect users with medical professionals. Valentina's platform offers an opportunity to understand and monitor vaginal health, prevent surgery, and even receive prescriptions, creating a cost-effective and time-efficient solution.Prepare to be shocked as Valentina reveals startling facts about the toxicity of average tampons and the lack of regulations in protecting women's sensitive areas. In this episode, Valentina's insights will leave you pondering and questioning the norms. I admire her for using her voice and intelligence to create safer products for women, and we invite you to join us in this crucial conversation about women's health. Get ready to be enlightened and outraged, knowing that solutions exist – we just need to be aware of them.Follow Valentina: @thetampondealerHead to Daye's website: Daye's diagnostic tampon:
  • Egg freezing explained with Ed Coats

    On today's podcast, I am joined by Ed Coats, a prominent consultant in reproductive medicine and surgery, currently serving as the medical director of The Evewell, a private fertility clinic in London. With 18 years of experience delivering babies, Ed is passionate about enhancing education and access to fertility preservation and reproductive technology. In our insightful conversation, we delve into the intricacies of egg freezing, an aspect of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) where eggs are preserved in a vault rather than being fertilised and placed back inside the body. As I personally navigate through the egg freezing process, with my own retrieval just 20 hours away, I plan to share my journey in a dedicated episode, reflecting on the profound impact and gratitude I feel for the scientific advancements that empower women to take control of their fertility.Ed's expertise sheds light on the egg freezing process and the broader landscape of fertility preservation. In a world where information on fertility is often scarce, dedicating episodes to this crucial topic on the Unwind podcast aims to provide valuable insights and education. Exploring fertility in depth has been a source of comfort for me, especially in my 30s, as it allows me to make informed decisions that safeguard my future and brings a sense of peace. While this content may deviate slightly from our usual programming, I hope you find it both useful and valuable.Find Ed:Website: Evewell: Poppy:Instagram: @poppyjamieBuy her book:
  • How to optimise your fertility with supplementation with Rhian Stephenson

    In this week's episode, I have the privilege of interviewing Rhian Stephenson, a distinguished nutritional therapist, Naturopath, ex-athlete, and the visionary behind the acclaimed supplement brand ARTAH. With over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, Rhian seamlessly integrates knowledge from eastern medicine to Western nutritional science. ARTAH, her brainchild, emerges as an award-winning supplement brand committed to offering a holistic approach to health imbalances, covering areas such as gut health, hormone balance, metabolism, mood, immunity, fertility, energy, and sleep.I share my own experience of discovering ARTAH's Enhanced Fertility Supplement during my own fertility struggles. Having witnessed substantial improvements in my egg freezing journey, I attribute the positive results of my second round to the efficacy of ARTAH's supplements. As the conversation unfolds, we delve into the science behind supplementation, exploring its role in supporting the body through various life stages and optimising aspects such as fertility. Join me for an engaging discussion with Rhian as we unravel the intricacies of health, supplementation, and fertility support.This podcast is brought to you by ARTAH, who offer effective, efficient, evidence-based supplements and nutrition programmes designed to help you thrive. Take advantage of their special 20% discount for Unwind listeners using the code POPPY20 and find out more on their website here: https://artah.coFind Rhian:Instagram: @rhianstephensonARTAH: WITH POPPY:@poppyjamieBuy her book: