Notch Showcast


#15 Interactive & Immersive Championship

Season 3, Ep. 3

Educator and entrepreneur Elburz Sorkhabi wrote the first ever TouchDesigner book, a free and open publication, complete with video tutorials. When he’s not working on projects for clients, he’s running the Interactive Immersive HQ, a community platform for all things interactive and immersive. 

Last month, Elburz ran the Interactive Immersive challenge which invited designers from all over the world to create projects in front of a live stream audience and panel of judges - including our own founder Matt Swoboda.  

Interactive and audiovisual designer Ginger Leigh, also known by synthestruct, was one of the competition finalists. She wowed the judges in the integration challenge with her clever combination of Notch, TouchDesigner and Ableton Live.

In this episode, we talk to Elburz and Ginger about the future of real-time, what a powerful combination TouchDesigner and Notch is, and; as a little bonus; which member of the Notch team is described as "a gentleman and a scholar", tune in!.

Episode credits:

Interview and editing by: Kat Kemsley

Produced by: Bent Stamnes

Audio post production, additional music and mastering by: Arto Koivisto

Cover image is a composite of the Interactive & Immersive Championship logo, and the project "Disperse" by Synthestruct.

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