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#25 Developing a Solid Creative Process with FRAY_DEV

Season 4, Ep. 5

In this episode, we talk to Finn Ross and Adam Young from FRAY Studio to find out about the inspiration behind FRAY:DEV. We also talk about the benefits of learning by doing and the importance of developing a solid creative process. Adam and Finn share some golden advice on how to grow your confidence as a designer and ways to handle constructive criticism.

If you’re a creative who’s looking to get their start or an experienced designer with a lot of wisdom to share, then this is the episode for you!

Episode credits:

Researched, edited, and interviewed/hosted by: Kat Kemsley

Produced by: Bent Stamnes

Audio post-production, additional editing, and mastering by: Tor Øines

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#24 Screens producing with Laura Frank

Season 4, Ep. 4
Laura Frank has worked in entertainment technology for over 25 years. Starting her career as a moving light technician, she established herself as a top lighting programmer with projects spanning rock tours with David Bowie and Madonna, to Broadway shows like Spamalot and television events like the Concert for NY. As the media server market started to evolve, Laura made the shift to screen content and control. After a decade of refining a media delivery workflow, she established herself as a Screens Producer leading a highly regarded Media Operations team for prominent events around the world. Her shows included the MTV Video Music Awards, The Game Awards, the Turner Upfront, and the CMA Music Awards.In this episode, Laura shares her journey to becoming a screens producer and the tricks she’s learned along the way to optimize her workflow. We also discuss the challenges of the COVID pandemic and the benefits of building a strong, connected community.If you’re interested in what a screen producer is, what they do and how to get on the road to becoming one, this is the episode for you.Episode credits:Researched, edited, and interviewed/hosted by: Kat KemsleyProduced by: Bent StamnesAudio post-production, additional editing, and mastering by: Tor ØinesEpisode links:framework-community.comAn evening with Screens Producer Laura Frank (YouTube)Screens Producing & Media Operations: Advanced Practice for Media Server and Video Content Preparation (Book)