Notch Showcast

We sit down with Notch users from all around the world, learning more about them and their exciting projects.

Kat Kemsley

Kat is a film-maker and multimedia producer at Notch, where she has been showcasing members of the Notch community since 2017. She loves finding out what makes a production tick and learning from other peoples workflows. Before joining the Notch team she worked in production and post-production for broadcast and digital commercials, independent films and music videos.

Bent Stamnes

Bent is the VP of Marketing for Notch, but that's just a title. He's really just a huge nerd. Bent has been involved with real-time motion graphics for almost three decades, starting with the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 computers. When he's not doing Notch stuff, he produces music under the name of Subsquare and travels the world, waxing lyrically about his love for real-time graphics.