Notch Showcast


#19 Inside The Boys

Season 3, Ep. 7

In this episode we find out how a small team of creatives re-imagined the talk show environment for Amazon Prime’s ‘Inside the Boys’.

Amazon Studios approached Technical Director Brandon Epperson for a COVID safe workflow that could produce their nine-part TV series in just four weeks! Today Brandon shares why he decided LED virtual production was the way to go. and

We are also joined by his good friends at Aggressive TV, Daniel Shapiro and Alex Topaller who directed the animated set design, opening credits and branding. The team chose Notch as their content creation tool for real-time reactive animations. Art Director Federico Gonzalez also joins us on the line to share how his team at Tigre Labs created the set-pieces in Notch.

Join us as we discuss set extension, what virtual sets means for the future of art departments and always needing more time!

Episode credits:

Interviews and editing by: Kat Kemsley

Produced by: Bent Stamnes

Audio post production, additional music and mastering by: Arto Koivisto

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