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Finding The Mom Flow with Erin Sousa

Season 2, Ep. 11

We sat down with accidental influencer, Erin Sousa to chat entrepreneurship, slowing down, mommy bloggers and more. Erin shares more about her current wellness journey, her insights on the Kyte baby scandal and what reality TV she is loving. 

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  • 33. Day to day business ops with Katie (Part 2)

    Katie is solo this week, answering all your questions about running a business. She shares what her typical day looks like, how she structures her team, managing staff, when to grow your business and how to navigate through hard times like a negative cash flow.Episode Resources:Katie InstagramKokomo InstagramKokomo Website
  • 32. Catch Up With Your Girls

    This just in—Katie has cut out caffeine and has a longstanding, meaningful relationship with Owen Wilson you didn’t know about. The mommies dive into some wellness swaps Katie has been making lately, how their summers are going and contemplate whether Liz might actually have a chance with Jeremy Allen White!Episode Resources:Katie InstagramKokomo InstagramKokomo WebsiteLiz InstagramLiz Website
  • 31. Reading, Writing & Zoloft’ing with Liz

    In this solo epi, Liz does a full dive into her summer reading list (we’ve included details for the books below). She gives an update on where she’s at with her writing and talks about her experience of being on different antidepressants. Book Recs:Real AmericansSandwich: A NovelI’m Mostly Here to Enjoy Myself Practical Magic Series Bret Easton Ellis Ambition Monster Men Have Called Her Crazy Summer Sisters Elin Hilderbrand
  • 30. Starting a new business with Katie (Part 1)

    Katie is solo this week, going down memory lane to answer your questions about how and why Kokomo was started. She covers everything from how Kokomo went from a goal on paper to opening her first location—including building a business plan, her mental wellbeing, financing, start up costs, finding a location, and things that surprised her once she opened. Part 2 coming soon!Katie InstagramKokomo InstagramKokomo WebsiteLiz InstagramLiz Website
  • 29. Tennis and cowboys, thrifting, speeding tickets and spray tans

    This juicy little episode covers everything from Katie’s recent run-in with the police and a healing moment she had with her first Kokomo location. Liz talks about her recent obsession with spray tans and how she’s planning on having a nostalgic 90s summer.Episode Resources:Katie InstagramKokomo InstagramKokomo WebsiteLiz InstagramLiz Website
  • 28. Sexy Mode: Activated

    Live from Katie’s bed, the mommas discuss important topics such as drycleaners, Kardashians, soul mates and hot books. They also explore the unique transition of being a “body of nourishment” to reactivating sexy mode.Episode Resources:Katie InstagramKokomo InstagramKokomo WebsiteLiz InstagramLiz Website
  • 27. Pinterest for the People, Krista Lavrusik

    The mommies chat with content creator, expert thrifter and mom to four boys, Krista Lavrusik. This fun convo spans everything from diving into the world of influencing and content creation, what we should be thrifting this summer and how Krista finds balance at home with four busy boys. It’s a fun one!! Krista Instagram: TikTok: Website:
  • 26. Summer bucket lists, Katie’s new car, a sexy book, the healing power of a quick sob

    The mommies are feeling spicy today in this juicy convo about everything from summer bucket lists to the hottest guy on TikTok and Katie’s nearly pathological obsession with returning things. They dive into email etiquette and how nothing at work is really that hard once you’ve become a mom.Episode Resources:Katie InstagramKokomo InstagramKokomo WebsiteLiz InstagramLiz Website
  • 25. Liz is on TikTok, an idea for a novel, Katie tries “the wet look,” influenceng/de-influencing

    This is an episode primarily about TikTok, if we’re being honest. Katie and Liz share some recent faves - shampoo, period underwear, a bralette - and dig into some things that are getting under their skin. Katie ponders the power of subscription services and wonders what life would be like if daycare groomed our children.Episode Resources:Katie InstagramKokomo InstagramKokomo WebsiteLiz InstagramLiz Website