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  • 9. Sigrid- Can't Stop Watching Tik Tok

    Matt is joined by Norwegian pop star Sigrid. They trade tricks for looking your best in a photo, whether or not 'views' are overrated and they write an amazing song all about staring at your phone when there's loads of other stuff going on.
  • SONG: Becky Hill x NALS - Dr Pimple Popper

    The full song by Matt and Becky all about Dr Pimple Popper.
  • 8. Becky Hill- Dr Pimple Popper

    Matt is joined by brit award nominated dance megastar Becky Hill- she gives him an impromptu vocal coaching session, before they discuss self driving cars, biting your own toenails and the joy of popping a spot. That leads to the revelation that Becky is the world's biggest fan of Dr Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper. With her own TV show and a massive online following, Dr Sandra pops some of the most incredible spots you've ever seen, so it was only right that Matt and Becky dedicated a huge dance anthem to it.Rather incredibly, and very much SPOILER ALERT...... Matt managed to get a message from Dr Sandra herself to play to Becky.To follow Sandra on instagram, click here:
  • 7.5. SONG: Brad Simpson x NALS - The Bath

    The full song rom Brad Simpson and Matt, all about the bath.
  • 7. Brad Simpson (The Vamps) - The Bath

    Matt is joined by The Vamps frontman Bradley Simpson to talk the correct pronunciation of the word 'Oreo', his love of the saxophone and his childhood birthday parties. They also talk a lot about baths. Together they write a song about bath time.
  • 6.5. SONG: Maisie Peters x NALS - Timothée Chalamazing

    The full song by Matt and Maisie Peters about Timothée Chalamet.