No Such Thing: K12 Education in the Digital Age


Recommended Resources for Maker Educators

Ep. 61

Here's a cool episode for you. Before I get started let's talk about these tracks. It's easy to overlook, when we talk about Maker Ed, that a lot of the greatest maker educators I know are makers themselves. Lou Lahana is also known on the interwebs as Techbrarian, and he wrote and produced tracks at the beginning and end of this episode. He's a great inspiration to remind us all, as Tasker Smith from MIT reminds us in this episode - we need stay inspired...consider it like facing turbulence on an airplane...put the mask on ourselves first.

It's a different format: in this episode I reached out and asked some of my favorite Maker Educators to send me recordings where they just jam into the mic a bit about resources that they often recommend to other educators, or folks just interested in what they do. I'm so grateful to a rockstar group of five featured in this episode, and hope that we can make it a more regular thing.

My thanks (in the order that you hear from them) to:

Lori Stahl-VanBrackal:

Tasker Smith:

Jennifer Latimer:

Dr. Matthew Farber:

Dr. Lou Lahana:

Links from this episode:

Innovators Mindset, George Couros:

Laser Cutters (Universal Systems):

Make Magazine:




Prototyping Library:

Epilogue Laser Sample Club:

Invent to Learn, Martinez and Stager:

Connecting Gaming, Kafai and Burke:


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Universal Design for Learning CS

Ep. 81
Universal Design is a practice born out of architecture, and the late Ronald Mace, whose approach was to consider every body in the design of the built environment, not to design for some and amend or "adapt" for others. Guests in this episode discuss Universal Design for Learning, which shares this ideology as it relates to pedagogy and the design of learning environments.Maya Israel, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Educational Technology in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida. She is also the research director at the Creative Technology Research Lab. Dr. Israel’s research focuses on strategies for supporting students with disabilities and other struggling learners’ meaningful engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with emphases on computational thinking, computer science education, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).Meg Ray is the Teacher in Residence at Cornell Tech. She is responsible for the implementation and design of the Teacher in Residence program, a coaching program for K-8 teachers in New York City schools. An experienced middle and high school computer science teacher and special educator, Meg directed the design of the Codesters Python curricula for middle school students and served as a writer for the Computer Science Teachers’ Association K-12 CS Standards and as a special advisor to the K12 CS Framework. She lives in New York.Ron Summers is a nationally recognized educator and the Executive Director for NYC Department of Education's Computer Science 4 All. He is an expert in developing computer science and entrepreneurship programs for special project initiatives that focus on youth education using the design processes and computer science principles.Links from this episode:Ronald Mace: Design for Learning: Technology Research Lab: link to the UDL and collaborative discussion framework section of the lab website: in CS crowdsourced document: Tech: Education Consulting: Education Consulting on Twitter: Education Consulting on Instagram: Event Details for the Black Women in Ed Talk: file:///C:/Users/mlesser/AppData/Local/Temp/BlackWomenEDflyerLink.pdf

Boys and Girls Clubs of America During Covid

Ep. 80
You may be having a similar experience to my own where, when I ask my kids about what they miss from their non-Covid schedule, they talk a lot about afterschool. Sometimes I make the mistake of thinking that it goes without saying at this point, but it doesn't, that out of school time, and the professionals who support learners beyond the school bell are absolutely critical in the special sauce of your kids. If you haven't yet, reach out and find out how you can support your local programs - give a high five to the education professionals, many of whom, are spending a lot more time with your kids than their teachers are.Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA for short) is an iconic brand, and for good reason - it serves more than 4mm students through its federated network of clubs all over the country, and my guest is the national organization's Sr. Director of Product:Dave Crusoe is an education technology researcher, architect and producer. He loves to dream big and make big happen–especially by bringing together astute and eager teams. He is Senior Director – Youth Digital Engagement for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a role that enables infinite imagination about how to construct youth digital visitor experience, provides focus on youth learning and life outcomes and requires engaging a curious set of resources. He holds an EdM degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, enjoys writing, plays the banjo poorly, explores caves and writes children’s stories.Links from the episode:Visit