Noam on the Move


Interview with Joanna M Pinkerton of COTA

Season 1, Ep. 7

On this episode of “Noam on the Move,” host Noam Maital speaks with Joanna M. Pinkerton, the President and CEO of the Central Ohio Transit Authority. Noam asks Joanna what brought her into the transportation space. The two discuss the needs of transit riders in rural communities. Noam asks Joanna why Columbus has become so notorious for its transportation and innovation. The two discuss the low percentage of women in leadership roles, why that may be the case, and how we can all help to improve it. Finally, the two look to the future to discuss what is on the horizon of innovation in transportation. 

Prior to joining COTA, Joanna spent more than 20 years in the engineering and transportation industries. She is nationally recognized for her expertise in addressing certain challenges in the mobility industry such as equity and deploying new technology. Joanna serves in the Board of Directors for ITS America and the Transportation Research Center, Inc. (TRC). She served as a co-chair of the American Public Transportation Association Mobility Recovery & Restoration Task Force and the DriveOhio Government Advisory Board.

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