Noam on the Move


Interview with Roger Millar of WSDOT

Season 1, Ep. 6

On this episode of “Noam on the Move,” host Noam Maital speaks with Roger Millar, the Secretary of Transportation for the Washington State Department of Transportation. Roger discusses his upbringing in Europe and Panama and how it shaped his view on transportation. He shares his background in environmental engineering, land use, and conservation, prior to being appointed to the Secretary position by Gov. Jay Inslee. Noam and Roger speak about sustainable transportation projects in the state of Washington and contemplate the differences and similarities between urban and rural communities. Finally they look to the future, to consider possible transportation innovations on the horizon.

Prior to WashDOT, Roger served as an experienced land use and transportation engineer, planner, and program manager with an international reputation for innovative approaches to conservation and development. Roger chairs the AASHTO Council on Public Transportation, the Western Road Usage Charge Consortium, the Mobility on Demand Alliance, and the Cooperative Automated Transportation Coalition. 

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