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Hello, and a very warm welcome to No Heathen Land a podcast retelling macabre, intriguing and just plain weird stories of the past from God’s own Country, Yorkshire.In my opinion, Yorkshire is the perfect breeding ground

Episode 4 - St George's Field

Season 1, Ep. 4
Welcome to No Heathen Land, Episode 4I hope you've enjoyed Halloween month, but round here, it's always kinda spooky. I'm delighted to share this chat with you, with artist and researcher Morticia.Morticia researches and creates artworks on culture and customs surrounding death and mourning; in this episode she guides me through the history of St George's Field in Leeds, a cemetery set up in 1833, now encased by the University of Leeds campus. Morticia also highlights the headstones of two intriguing women buried in St George's Field. We visited the cemetery to record 'on location' in August of this year (2021) and it was a beautiful day, as this episode goes out the seasons have changed significantly so our chat fits the spooky autumn vibes perfectly. Some information and sources for this episode:-The University of Leeds' collection page containing information and archives about St George's Field:' author Chris Nickson's blogpost on the fascinating Ann Carr: Morticia's blog:https://ladylugosi.blogspot.comYou can find Morticia on Twitter @ladylugosi and on Instagram @ladylugosi13 Be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter @noheathenland for photos from the cemetery from the day of recordingThanks as always goes to @iony_tommi for the artwork for this podcast and for editing assistance.Thank you for listening

Episode 1 - Old Sal

Season 1, Ep. 1
Welcome to the first episode of No Heathen Land, thank you so much for listening.This episode Sally shares a terrifying 1970s story of demonic possession and guest, Ross, tells a spooky tale set on the atmospheric Woodhouse Ridge in LeedsFollow No Heathen Land on Twitter Episode 1 References and LinksSally:The True Crime Enthusiast Blog and Podcast Last Podcast on the Left Episode 338: Murderous Possession - The Story of Michael TaylorThe Quantum Mind Ross:@rosshorsefly on Twitter and InstagramThe newspaper article referenced appeared in the Leeds Mercury on 1st December, 1761.You can find old newspapers at your closest Local History Library or online (subscriptions apply) at the British Newspaper Archive on Ancestry or Find My Past Most Library services will offer online access to newspaper archives like this one from Leeds Libraries.Many more mysterious news clippings, local and otherwise, are collected in the 1930s scrapbook 'Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences; Life After Death, etc', held at Leeds Central Library.For more true Yorkshire ghost stories, written in a literary style, you can do no better than:The Hand of Glory and Further Grandfather's Tales and Legends of Highwaymen and Others (1924) edited by J. Fairfax-Blakeborough.And:Lord Halifax's Ghost Book: A Collection of Stories of Haunted Houses, Apparitions and Supernatural Occurrences (1936) by Charles Lindley, Viscount Halifax.Editing by Luke SmithArtwork: @iony_tommi on Instagram