No Brilliant Jerks


Mixed Bag of Pop-Culture Goodness | No Brilliant Jerks #6

Season 1, Ep. 6

This episode, we discuss a mixed bag of pop-culture goodness!

Episode breakdown: 

  • Why reality TV show stars should take control of their own narrative
  • Reality TV stars who have gone onto have a really great career and why
  • TV shows & movies that would get cancelled if they were made today


Weekly dopes;

  • Britney’s wedding saga
  • Gucci x ADIDAS campaign

Our required readings are; 

  • So Unladylike! podcast is available to listen to wherever you find your podcast. 
  • Beyond The Blinds podcast
  • Everything I Know About Love is out on STAN 

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Hosts: Olivia Hodge, Ty Kudla and Kat Orchard

This show is produced by Sunnydale Studios. 

Technical Producer: Connor Fairclough   

Executive Producer: Olivia Hodge

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