No Brilliant Jerks


Can influencers ever achieve true celebrity status? | No Brilliant Jerks #9

Season 1, Ep. 9

Influencers are certainly here to stay; but very few have managed to turn their online presence into truly impressive, multi-faceted careers… or have they? We bring you interesting perspectives from a Gen Z, and two millennials. 

Can influencers ever achieve TRUE celebrity status?

Episode breakdown: 

  • The evolution of influencers 
  • First social media platforms to create influencers 
  • Influencers that have managed to go on and carve out careers 
  • The need to stay relevant on social media
  • Mummy influencers and child consent
  • Can influencers ever achieve TRUE A-List notoriety?


Weekly dopes;

  • Robert Irwin’s cover on Stellar Magazine
  • Rhode Skin by Hailey Bieber

Our required readings are; 

  • She’s On The Money book & podcast
  • The Last Podcast on the Left Blackbeard episode series  “Our Flag Means Death”
  • The $1000 Project by Canna Campbell

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Hosts: Kat Orchard, Nicole Rowles & Olivia Hodge

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